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Fleetwoods History
Professional Common Area Cleaning


Fleetwood Cleaning started as a maid service in 1991 offering high quality home cleaning.  In 1996 we accepted our first contract for cleaning a condominium building and today we have a Janitorial division and Light maintenance division that serves Condominium properties, Luxury Loft properties and Home Owners Associations throughout the metro area.  


Each of our Cleaning Technicians has a weekly schedule they follow and once set up we make every effort to keep it the same every week.   That way they know the property, they know the residents and they know what needs to be done.   But, most important you and the residents will personally know the Cleaning Tech.   You will also know exactly which days and at what time we service your property.   The hours are scheduled so you won’t see a commission type rush in and rush out job.


The job we do will be based on an individual property daily checklist that we will develop with you based on the hours we are on the property.   Our Cleaning Technician and his manager will use it as a guide to make sure we hit everything and get to all the details. 


We currently have 22 full time Technicians and you will find as we are often told, that they are friendly, respectful and hard working.   We only hire experienced people with one or two years of college, military experience or a great maintenance background.   We do complete background checks on them and then we put them through our patented Fleetwood Cleaning training program.   Twelve weeks of intensive book learning combined with hands on training and lots of tests make sure our guys know exactly how to professionally take care of your property.