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Common Area Cleaning

From a small 30 unit property to a 300 unit high rise building , we have lots of experience digging into the details of the job.  With an individualized property checklist we cover everything in the common areas: lobby, elevator, restrooms, laundry, halls, stairs, parking decks etc.    Our dependable, hard working, respectful employees have an exact weekly cleaning schedule.  You will know exactly the times and days we service you property.    If you have any requests all you need to do is ask and we will take care if it, no hassle.  If you have any technical questions all you need to do is ask.  We have Certified Floor Care and Certified Carpet Care Technicians on staff.   


Tile and Grout Cleaning

Do you have natural stone floors?   Slate, Limestone, Travertine or Sandstone with grout.   Our Certified floor technicians will clean your tile with Turbo Technology.   Turbo Spinner Technology shoots high pressure water from rotating spinners.  It penetrates deep inside porous grout and tile areas to give your floors a deep clean.    Photo:   Before and After  tile and grout floors at Peachtree Battle Condo. 



Pressure Washing

We do the smaller jobs -  Pool Decks  -   Small Parking Decks -   Sidewalks  -  Patio -   Porch      The one or two machine jobs. 


Common Area Handy Man Light Maintenance

Fleetwood’s weekly Handy Man Maintenance can take care of the small problems, that over time add up to become big problems and big expenses.   We really help to keep your property looking like new and like a great place to live.  Touch up painting,  Carpet spots / repairs,  Installing dog stations, Gas grill repair / Tank filling , Lighting fixtures, meeting and checking on contractors, etc.   Our guys have lots of experience and often they are a huge help in advising board members on how to handle problems that come up.    


Carpet  Cleaning

The whole building or just an elevator the carpets will be deep cleaned and quick dried.  Our trained Certified Carpet Technicians will show up on time, in uniform, with working equipment and ready to go.    Before they start they will check with you to see if there are any problem areas or additional needs.   They will  pre treat any spots and traffic areas and then steam clean and quick dry your carpets with the most advanced units available.            Photo:   One of our state of the art Cobra 1200  Carpet Steam Cleaning machines.



Junk Removal

We will bring in our truck, load it and dispose of it.    Appliances,   Bedding,   TV’s,   Bikes,  or general junk.   Need your storage areas cleaned our,  we can take care of it.  


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